St. Michael's Hospice  
St Michael’s Hospice (based in St Leonard's) are planning to introduce a new community volunteer scheme across Hastings and Rother, but being piloted in 3 areas – Rye, Northiam (including Brede and Broad Oak) and Ore.
Please click here to see a leaflet explaining how this new service will work
We have now had the first training event for some of our volunteers.
We are also actively looking for more volunteers to visit people with life limiting illnesses in the Northiam area.
Please contact me - Jane Cave - if you would like to be involved!!

******New Voluntees Required******

For the past two years myself and two others Northiam ladies have been organising twice yearly fund raising coffee mornings for St Michael's Hospice I am the only member of the group left in the village and I will also be moving shortly. Despite two articles in the Parish Magazine and mentions in the village voice asking for volunteers to take over I have yet to hear from anyone ready to take this role These mornings have raised in excess of £16000 so it would be a great pity if they were to stop The next event is to be held on November 7th please get in touch if you feel you could carry on this very worthwhile fund raising cause. Please contact me on 01797 252871 I would delighted to talk it through, Eileen Hayes

Calling All Local Residents - Your Hospice Needs You!

In May, St Michael’s Hospice launched its new Hospice Neighbours campaign in Hastings & Rother. The service calls for local people to volunteer their time to become ‘Hospice Neighbours’ by giving a few hours a week, fortnight or month on a day and time that suits them, within their local area.
Every minute and hour go toward helping make life a bit easier for people living at home with a life limiting illness, the simple act of helping with everyday tasks such as cooking, shopping, daily chores, pet care or just dropping in for a cup of tea and a chat can mean the world.
The scheme is now going to be made available right across Hastings & Rother and the Hospice needs more volunteers to make this possible.
John Trafford, of Northiam, was referred to Hospice Neighbours following a two week stay at St Michael’s Hospice. John said, “I had heard of St Michael’s Hospice before, but hadn’t got a clue what it would be like until I went in to stay there. I was given a lovely room that overlooked the sea and the meals were just delicious!. All of the staff are utterly brilliant, they’d spend time with me just chatting and listening.”
It was clear that John had really valued the extra support and so following his return home Hospice Neighbours Project Manager, Jane Cave, visited him to find out what kind of help the scheme could offer. Jane soon paired John with Hospice Neighbour Elizabeth Pharoahs, who now visits John on a day and at a time that suits them both, quite often just to natter over a cup of tea to keep John company. Once the two had been paired, they soon discovered that Elizabeth and John had actually known each other years ago as they had both been part of the Northiam Footpath Group, which was founded by John.
Elisabeth said, “It is very convenient for me to visit John as I live nearby. When we first met, we realised we had so much in common, we started chatting and haven’t stopped ever since!”
When asked about the benefits of Hospice Neighbours, John said, “It’s so nice to meet new faces and to share stories. It gives me piece of mind knowing that someone is going to drop in to see me. It’s the small things in life that make such a difference to me these days and so having a Hospice Neighbour to help me is wonderful. Hospice Neighbours have brought brightness back into my life and I’m so grateful for their help”.
So far, St Michael’s Hospice Neighbours service has signed up 39 volunteers in Hastings & Rother but still needs more! If you have time you can spare, you will be making a huge difference to someone’s life and joining the wonderful team of Hospice Neighbours. 
For more information on volunteering, or if you or someone you know would like to find out more about accessing the service please contact Jane Cave, Project Manager, on 01424 445177 ext 6012 or email:
Jane Cave
Project Manager
St Michael’s Hospice
Email Jane Cave      
Tele: 01424 445177 ext 6012