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Notes from NPC Meeting 8th February

We were lacking two of our Parish Cllrs; fortunately we had enough to continue with the meeting.

There was an enquiry as to progress on the library situation and the Chairman was able to advise that a positive response to our proposals had been received from ESCC and will receive financial support in the event that their plans go ahead.

There are some cars being parked on a Parish owned restricted byway on the Village Green which is giving some a problem. Unfortunately due to legal rulings we are unable to block the area therefore unable to police it.

Speed of vehicles and the condition of the road surface in Quickbourne Lane is causing some irritation; this will be looked into by our County Councillor and one of our Dist Cllrs.

There were seven planning applications, six of which were not objected to, however the proposed alterations to The Mill has caused some disquiet and, as a result, we have asked our Dist Cllrs to request this be called in.

There is also considerable angst by residents of both Beckley & Northiam regarding the application for the erection of a barn at Northlands Farm but, in spite of the number of protests; RDC saw fit to not prevent it.

We have a number of Jubilee mugs and it was resolved to donate them to the Village Hall and the Church Hall.

The Chairman gave details of the next consultation regarding NPC’s application for funding to enable us to bid for the Blue Cross land will be starting soon. This includes an open day at the Village Hall on a Sunday afternoon, at a date to be arranged, following on another Sunday with the count of votes at the same venue.

Following a mini survey the Conservation Soc’y wish to apply to have Mill Corner included in the conservation area and they are planning a 1914 -1918 celebratory weekend over the Remembrance weekend – VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED!

On the advice of auditors we will be reviewing our charges for the Cemetery

There being no further business the official business closed at 20-30.

See you all at March’s meeting 2018


Ray Harrington-Lowe – Parish Clerk
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