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Notes from APM 9th April

There were over one hundred twenty attendees.

All were welcomed by Cllr. Pete Sargent, Chairman of the Parish Council.

Parish Minutes of the APM held on 14th April 2018 were distributed, see copy attached. They were adopted.

The Chairman read out his report for the year preceding, see copy attached, in which he updated us on the football pitch re-modelling; the unchanged annual budget; the Library; the Blue Cross; the War Memorial upgrade; the Surgery Car Park; the Cemetery; the Village Hall plus that we have two Councillors stepping down and one new one as from May 2nd, which means we still need one more person to offer their time and effort, who would be co-opted by Council. Interested parties should contact the Clerk in the first instance, details as above.

A presentation on behalf of the Police was made by Inspector Jonathon Hartley in which he reassured us they do appreciate the problem we have with being in a far flung corner of their jurisdiction so, as a result, they are liaising more closely with Kent, who can help out as & when necessary. He also confirmed the difficulties with CCTV in such widespread areas. The 101 service is currently being improved, but in a real emergency he stressed that it was necessary to use the 999 service. Facebook & Twitter users can use those media services to liaise with the Police with regard to local activity only. However, all suspicious activity should still be reported via 101.

There was also a presentation by Julia Bray, Head of Northiam primary school who wishes to encourage greater use of the facilities by villagers at the Pretious Sports Hall, to which end there would be a discount for “locals”.

There being no questions from the floor and no further formal business the gathering enjoyed the nibbles from Will’s and some liquid refreshments in a very convivial atmosphere.




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