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Notes from 13th February

What a busy evening! I’m not sure if it was intransigence or sheer inefficiency, but we had had no planning applications to consider from RDC since November and to be extremely topical as the saying goes, it never rains but it pours. We had eleven applications on which to submit our collective judgements. The details are all in the Minutes currently on display on the web site and in the Parish Office window.

Aside from that Penny had to act as Chair as Pete was away enjoying the sea air so she read out his report on his behalf; it was confirmed the new library building is due on site 26th Feb., but it will then take a while to fit it out and set it up, hopefully to be up & running by Easter. Pete and others had attended a meeting at RDC attempting to progress the planned renovation works at the Football & Playing Fields with apparently some degree of success – watch this space!

St. Francis Fields - The two week-ends of open days were a great success with approx 600 residents visiting the site, plus BBC & Meridian news teams. Now that the loan is in place it is anticipated that the additional cost to a band D household for the next four years will be about £47 per year– less than a pound a week – what a bargain to enhance and protect our village!

There will soon be some speeding signs installed at Horns X junction, kindly donated by ESCC Highways and I should think by now you are all aware of the disruption due to be caused by the replacing of a water main on the Staplecross & Beckley Roads.

There were two aspirants for the vacant Councillor space but, due to the amount of other business, it was agreed to carry that vote forward to the March meeting.

It was unanimously agreed to donate £500 to the Air Ambulance service.

Finally last on the business front but by no means least, down to administrative necessities we reviewed, updated and agreed to adopt updated Standing Orders and Financial Regulations.

It was advised that the Annual Parish Meeting (with nibbles & a noggin) will be held in the Northiam Village Hall 14th April – see you all there I hope!

The next Parish Council meeting will be 12th March 2020


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