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Notes from NPC Meeting 10th May

We were lacking one of ours and both District Cllrs, but all others and our County Cllr were present plus only three members of the public.

Needless to say there was a query about the new, albeit apparently temporary fencing around the Muddy Duck; we were able to explain that, as a result of pressure from your Council, RDC had issued an Enforcement Notice on the owners directing him to carry out certain works as the building and its surrounds are deteriorating and, as a result they have installed the fencing we assume to keep the property secure whilst such works are being carried out.

As you are all probably aware the surgery are in negotiations with RDC with a view to extending their premises and we have been offered the opportunity by RDC to take over ownership & management of the car park; as a result we had a meeting with representatives of RDC and discussions are ongoing. We are also having a meeting with Blue Cross personnel next week of which we shall report at our meeting of the 7th June in the Village Hall. The A268 (Beckley Road) is being re-surfaced as from 29th May and that will involve overnight closures for seven days.

There were a number of planning applications and apart from one there were none that we felt were contentious. One, which we could not comment upon, was our own application for the works to the War Memorial, but as far as we know there are no objections to those plans.

As they have not changed for many year it was decided to increase Cemetery charges by twenty per cent, but they are still very competitive with others in the area. We will now proceed with the loan application for trying obtain the Blue Cross land. Apart from some “housekeeping” matters the meeting closed at just after 8-00 o’clock.

Please note that due to me taking a holiday the June meeting will be on the 7th instead of the 14th

We hope to see you there.

Ray Harrington-Lowe – Parish Clerk
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