June 2019

Helping Hands is now into its third year, helping our neighbours in a variety of ways.  A new leaflet is being put through your letter boxes to remind you of how we can help when needed and to introduce ourselves to those who are new to the village community.  If you did not receive one of these you will find some in the Spa Shop and in the Doctor’s Surgery.  There is also a copy of our leaflet on this site.

We have been quite busy over the 2+ years of setting up in Northiam and have done many kinds of small jobs for people.  Most of our services are to replace the lack of regular transport to local destinations, but we have done many small DIY and gardening jobs.  But do have a look at what else we offer, as you never know when you might need us.

There has been some media focus recently on how lonely some people can be, even in a friendly village like Northiam.  We would like to be able to do more in this context to foster regular on-going friendships between our volunteers and people who live on their own, and those who may be housebound.  We appreciate that people might be wary of letting strangers into their house and have someone, whom they do not know, suddenly turn up on their doorstep.  To overcome this very understandable reluctance to go into ‘uncharted waters’ you might like to give our mobile phone a call (07522 473173) and just ask to have a phone chat with us, just to see what we could do for you.  We can come to pick you up by car and take you to the village hall to a coffee morning, where you could meet us and get to know some of our volunteers – just to see if you ‘click’ with any of them enough to make arrangements for them to drop in now and again to have a chat, or take you out for a coffee.

When you call the mobile number all you need to do is give us your name, phone number and what it is you would like to talk to us about. And just be prepared for a recorded message.  We will then call you back = usually the same day, but sometimes the following day.  We cannot though deal with emergencies and we usually need 48 hours to find a volunteer to respond to a job that you need doing.

And, again, a huge thanks to all those wonderful people who came forward to make this scheme a reality – our lovely volunteers!

Carol (Ward) Tel: 253899 carol.f.ward@btinternet.com

Jackie Russell helpinghandsnorthiam@gmail.com

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